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Buy Credit Online

You need credits to send sms from our Site. To do this you can either pay online with Interswitch or VPay card or make a bank deposit to our Bank Account:


To pay with Interswitch or Vpay Card follow the steps below

  1. Click on Buy Credit
  2. Type the desired quantity and click Buy
  3. Select PluralPay and Click Pay Now
  4. Select either of InterSwitch or Vpay depending on your Card Type
  5.  On either the Interswitch of Vpay Payment page, follow the instructions and complete your payment.

Special Information for VPAY Users - VERIFIED BY VISA

Verified by VISA (VbV) is a password protected identity checking service developed by VISA to significantly reduce the risk of fraud in online transactions. It protects customer identity and thereby improves the security of Internet payments. It also reduces disputed transactions.
Enrolling your card for Verified by Visa
This site is protected with VbV and requires that the card is enrolled to participate in the VbV program. To enrol Visa cards issued by Nigerian Banks, you would need to follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Locate a nearest VISA/VPAY enabled ATM
  2. Insert your card and punch in your ATM PIN
  3. Select the PIN change option and then Internet PIN (iPIN) change option
  4. Insert any six digits of your choice as your iPIN
  5. Re-enter the six digits
  6. Your card is enrolled for VbV (Verified by Visa) transactions
  7. Note that iPIN and VbV code are the same
  8. You can now visit your favourite VbV enabled site to shop

Common Debit/Credit Card Terminologies:
Full Card Number (or PAN) – It is the 16 digit card number imprinted on the front of the card.
Expiry date – It is the month and year of expiry of the card.
Name of Card Holder – This is the full name of the card holder printed on the card.

In addition to the above, VISA card holders need more information as below.
CVV2 – It is a 3 digit number printed on the back of the card near to the card holder’s signature strip
VBV PIN or iPIN – These two are the same codes by different names. VBV or VByV stands for Verified By VISA and iPIN for Internet PIN.